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  • 08/03/02 Adam Engst. Our Guest today was Adam Engst, who discussed his latest book, iPhoto 1.1 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide from Peach Pit Press. He discussed the various features of the photo editing program and how it can be utilized by the average user. . iPhoto makes your existing photos look better, but cannot change the actual photos. There are a variety of ways in which iPhoto may be exported, which according to Engst, gives it an advantage over similar programs. He discussed synchronization issues that he hopes will be implemented in upcoming versions of the program. We also discussed Tidbits, a free electronic newsletter published by Engst and his co-workers that covers Macintosh items, issues related to copyright, and other industry news. The recent Mac Show in New York was covered a little bit. An announcement that came out of there was that iTools is now converted from being free to being fee-based. Engst defended Apple, saying that their financial position necessitates the change.

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  • 08/03/02 Afghanistan's first internet cafe opened in Kabul last Thursday, although most locals can't really afford to utilize it. The cost is approximately $5 per hour, while average daily Afghani wage is about a dollar. Viewing is censored and filtered for 'explicit content,' using Net Nanny-- The Comic-Con comic book convention was on in San Diego this weekend. A major booth belonged to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, currently defending folks busted for circulating 'X-Rated' Comics Books. U K: British couple refused permission by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to 'create' a new child that could save the life of their 3-yr old son, who has a serious form of anemia and needs a fluid injection from a perfectly matched donor.--Stem cells injected into eye of mouse became incorporated into the eye structure & formed new blood vessels. Dr. Martin Freidlander of Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla says that the process may be used to rescue sick blood vessels; or in modified form, inhibit the growth of abnormal cells in the eye--- Pressplay, which is offered by the music industry as an alternative to napster, etcetera, has made some alterations. Previously, subscribers weren't permitted to keep the music once subsciptions ended and were limited in the number of downloadable songs. Now, one may download unlimited songs, but copy only 10 songs per month to a disc.--The Cato Institute, a Libertarian think tank, sponsored a one-day conference in Palo Alto, Ca. studying the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Many were there to complain on premise that things once legal have recently become illegal in Washington's new climate---.Thomas Mendehoff no longer at the head of BMG Records--MPAA has reportedly been sending out legal notices to ISPs using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The notices demand the ISPs to find out what copyrighted material is sent through their system and to remove it.--Artemis Records, home to artists such as Steve Earle, is waving fees charged to internet radio stations that play music from their catalog for one year.-- One of HP's operating systems was listed on the Bugtraq mailing list, which is used to post messages about vulnerabilities discovered in commercial products. HP threatened legal action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The vulnerability notice was removed but remains in Bugtraq's archives.--Old Dreamcast systems, on which Lunix can be installed, have become some hackers' tool of choice--Ohio Governor signed Anti-Spam law under which individuals can fine spammers up to $50,000--- Texas school district sued by teacher over a ban on religious e-mails--Service Pack 3 released for for Windows-Apparently there's a clause in the pack's agreement asking users if they agree to automatic updates to be downloaded to their computers...If you don't agree to have Microsoft insert the updates, then you can't have the latest service packs...

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